Accidental Vegan Items in your Cart

As vegans we often are faced with a point in our lives where we realise a certain item we’ve been using is not vegan. So the clear choice is not using it anymore. I’ve been voraciously reading the ingredient labels

on almost all the products I buy. It is a bit of an annoyance for those who come shopping with me. I didn’t stop using the non vegan products I had already bought before I went vegan. That would just be a waste of money and disrespectful to the animal who might have suffered. However there were some items I bought in the past and turned out to be vegan.

Mind you, a product to be qualified as vegan, it should also be animal cruelty free that is, it’s not tested on animals. A product might be cruelty free but may still contain animal ingredients. Here are some of the vegan and animal cruelty free products which are easily available in stores in Goa you might have bought or is your favourite.

Hygiene, Body and Oral care

Medimix, an Indian brand of ayurvedic/herbal soap manufactured and marketed by Cholayil Private Limited. This company also sells Cuticura talcum powder and deodorants. Chandrika is also a brand of ayurvedic/herbal soap manufactured and sold in India by SV Products, Mysore sandal soap and talcum powder, Cinthol talcum powder and Doy care aloe vera soap.

Most of the Himalaya products are vegan. And they have a plethora of products to buy from various options like soaps, shampoos, face-wash, toothpastes and beauty products. However you may have to check out the ingredient label for milk and honey.

Vicco. There was a time when Vicco products were quite famous. However the convincing ads lured me into buying other products that claimed that I was missing out on things. Anyway if you’ve been still using Vicco, be happy. It’s vegan.

The Body Shop.This is one of the brands in India that market themselves as vegan and cruelty free. They too have a wide range of cosmetics and personal body care products. And I’m in love with their perfume collections.

Snacks and beverages

It is very frustrating to go and check the food labels and realize that it could have been vegan only if it hadn’t contained milk solids. Ugh… Luckily some of the snacks I relish are vegan.
Britannia Good Day choco chip cookies, Parle hide and seek, Parle black bourbon, Parle coconut cookies, Oreo, Pickwick wafer biscuits, Haldiram’s soan papdi (check the one which has vanaspati and not ghee), wafers of any brand except the cheese or cream flavoured, the dark chocolate range by Amul does not contain milk solids.
Sofit by Hershey and Staeta soy milk and other juice brands.

Masalas, dips and spreads

You might have not paid attention to the ingredient list of the masalas you buy to marinate meat or fish but It does not contain any animal ingredient. I still enjoy reshad and cafreal dishes wherein the meat is replaced by veggies and it tastes just as good. So feel free to use all the masalas that you use for meat marination.
Dr. Oetker Fun foods diet mayonnaise. I know I was shocked too. It has no animal fat and is safe to be used by vegans.
Peanut butter, except for the one with honey rest all peanut butters are dairy and lactose free, Hershey’s chocolate syrup.

Some food labels display a statement that says
“May contain milk”
This is just to inform the consumer that the product is made using the same machinery on which milk products were handled. Milk is not an added ingredient but traces of milk may be present. It has to be avoided by those who have allergies to it.

It seems like a lot of work to read ingredients and check if the product is animal cruelty free or 100% vegan. But as consumers we must be aware of the things we buy and the effects it has on the environment, the animals and our health. The fact that there are already so many items available which are cruelty free and vegan suggests that animal testing for cosmetics and such other items or the need for animal ingredients is unnecessary.
Remember, when you choose to buy a vegan product, you’re one person less contributing to the suffering of animals. We as individuals have the power to make this world a better place. The change starts from you.  For more informed sources on vegan products please click this and this.

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