Are vegans better than the rest?

The day I learned the truth about animal agriculture, I couldn’t help but go vegan immediately. And my obvious reaction was to spread the knowledge to my friends and family. The truth really hurt me and I thought I would get the same reaction from them as well. But I didn’t. In fact my argument was misunderstood for spreading a notion that vegans are better than everyone else. Every response received was a refute to the central point of argument.

But our Ancestors did it…

Yes, our ancestors did it. Our ancestors were involved in many immoral acts back in the years which now is probably illegal. But isn’t it the whole point? We should question and challenge our behaviour as being inconsistent with our morals and ideals we live by.

I understand our ancestors hunted and killed animals in order to survive. But we don’t live in the past anymore. The difference is that we go to a supermarket and buy nicely packaged dismembered body parts of animals where we don’t even realise that the stuff we call food, had a face and an understanding of its existence.

No one tried to empathise and have an open mind toward a vegan lifestyle. It was like talking to a wall. They didn’t want to see or learn the truth because they felt they would end up feeling guilty and tried to stay away from negativity. I was told I imposed a holier than thou attitude for questioning our way of living.

Lions Eat Meat

Whenever I would do something silly at home, I would always justify it by saying “Hey, but my sister did it too”. To which my mom would respond, “If one day she decides to jump in a well, would you do it too or are you smart enough to know?”

Well of course we are smart enough to know that we cannot justify one single habit by comparing it something/ someone that does it out of compulsion. Lions eat meat. Lions also kill cubs. Yes you heard that right.  When male lions take over a new territory, they almost always kill the prides’ cubs. Why? Since these cubs are not biologically related to them and do not want to spend energy ensuring that other lions’ genes will be passed on. I am pretty sure humans don’t do this.

So why do we justify our meat eating habits with the one thing the lion does? Lions do it for survival and do not have any moral obligations toward their acts. Human beings do. That is why we have law and order in place.

Non-Vegetarian is my comfort food

I appreciate the honesty in this statement. Most of us are reluctant in switching our diet because we are emotional eaters. Ever craved for ice-cream when down or depressed? Initially though it may seem difficult and taxing to make a switch. But remember it is just a moment of inconvenience for you and a lifetime of suffering for the animals we eat.

You can start by educating yourself about what goes on in the slaughter houses and how the farmed animals are bred for death. Soon you will realise the real comfort food is cruelty free.

Plants have feelings

Not once did I ever think that people would come up with this excuse to eat animals, unless they think plant characters like groot exist. Here is how I will try my best to explain why plants and animals are not the same, that is plants are not sentient whereas animals are.

Before I was vegan I never once considered that plants feel pain and suffer the same way as animals do. So let’s jump into the science behind this. A plant 
lacks a central nervous system, pain receptors and a brain which means that anatomically they don’t have the ability to feel pain.

Now consider the primary reason why human and non-human animals feel pain. It is to alert us that we are in danger or are being hurt and that we need to escape the situation that we are in, a plant cannot move and thus any pain would be inescapable, making life torturous for any plant. Right?

This begs the question, why would plants ever evolve such a horribly debilitating and destructive characteristic, as it goes against the fundamental purpose of evolution?

The part of where the confusion regarding plants and pain comes from is that that they are alive and conduct various activities at a cellular level, such as tilting to face the sunlight, absorbing water from the ground. But plants do not conduct any activities at a conscious or cognitive level, in essence meaning that plants are not sentient.

Let’s concentrate on the ethics of this excuse, do you believe that dropping a cauliflower into boiling water and boiling chickens alive (something that often happens in the chicken slaughtering process) is the same thing? Nobody thinks that slicing the neck of a goat is similar to cutting the stems off a vegetable, or stuffing green chillies into a cow’s eyes is similar to peeling a potato.

So if you truly believe that plants feel pain and are sentient, then remember that by consuming non-vegan products you are not only causing the suffering of animals but also causing the alleged suffering of huge amounts of plants as well. You can read more on Earthling Ed website.

A state of Veganopia

It was tough for me to deal with the fact that my otherwise caring and loving friends and family did not even consider once to stop participating in the holocaustic things done to animals.
This made me angry and I also felt isolated initially. I felt like there’s no hope left and I’m stuck in this world of vegan dystopia.

But everyone has a different journey to veganism. Everyone is different. And I hope my friends and family are blocked vegans as of now. And I hope they will extend the empathy and love they have for cats and dogs toward other sentient beings. And finally make the connection.

You do not become better than someone based on your color, gender, ethnicity or species. So are vegans better than the rest? No they are not. The vegan message is simple. We just have to make an effort to comprehend it.

Do you have any more counter arguments? Do drop a comment.

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