Transitioning to a vegan diet


Every time we try something new, we always compare and check for differences and see which one’s better. So I compared my non-vegan and vegan diet.The main reason why I went vegan was to limit the amount of suffering I caused to the animals. But along with a guilt free conscious, I must say I did enjoy the additional health perks. The transition however wasn’t as smooth for me as it might have been for other vegans but these were some of the noticeable changes after transitioning to a vegan diet.

Improved Bowel Movements

I didn’t really pay much attention to my diet before as I do now. I tried to include lentils, legumes, whole foods and fruits in my diet. So far so good when eating was concerned.
I felt a bit constipated in the first two to three weeks. I’m guessing it might have to do with the sudden diet change and also less water intake. Fibre needs enough water to be digested well. And gradually my loo (effortless) visits frequented to at least two to three times a day which is apparently a good thing. Woohoo!!

Reduced Acne

I struggled a lot with acne before I went vegan, I still do but it has reduced to quite an extent in just three months. It did make a lot of difference. Although you can still have breakouts if you keep binge eating on unhealthy fatty vegan food. If you have an acne prone skin, the key to help with your acne is following a high carb low fat diet(HCLF).

Better Menstrual Cycles

Ever been happy on your period? Well I have, ever since I’ve changed my diet.
I remember one time my periods didn’t stop for over a month but all the results were normal and I was told it’s a hormonal imbalance issue.

The doctor asked me to stay away from red meat, broiler chicken and ice creams. But I didn’t really pay much attention as his prescriptions did the trick. Many women globally face PCOD (polycistic ovary disorder). This causes delayed periods, faster facial hair growth and weight gain. Poor meat and dairy rich diet is the cause of hormonal imbalance issue.

The funny thing about medicine is that it does help you recover from an illness but then you take even longer to recover from the dependence on it. Sigh, only if I knew.
The cramps have reduced a lot ever since and I feel less bloated.

Migraine Free

I also suffered from frequent migraine attacks. It would always leave me nauseous and weak. I would just pop a painkiller and go to sleep because nothing else helped. But luckily it’s a thing of the past now ever since I have cut out meat, poultry and dairy from my diet.

I still have a lot more learning and exploring to do about veganism. I hope there are more good things to add on to this list.
Apart from this I feel at peace to know my beliefs are in line with my actions when I say ‘’I love animals.’’

What are your thoughts? How did transitioning to a vegan diet help you? Please leave a comment and let me know.

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