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The first thing that pops up in everyone’s mind when they hear about veganism is food. If I’m going to cut out meat, dairy and poultry from my diet, what do I eat? Initially when I went vegan, I thought it’s going to be tough and expensive. This led me to plan my meals and mostly resort to home cooked food. Here is a list of food I eat in a day.

The morning energiser


What better way to start your day than a cup of some green smoothie. To make this smoothie you just need a few spinach (palak) leaves, one whole orange, two bananas, one teaspoon flax seeds and some water and blend them all together. In order to nullify the bitter taste of spinach I add one or two sweet fruits. I usually drink my smoothie after my morning workout. Basically I try and have my dose of fruits in this morning smoothie.

Breakfast is best made at home


My breakfast has remained the same even after becoming a vegan. I usually have chapatti-bhaji , idli chutney, dosa or poha. What has changed is the milk tea. I’ve replaced it with black tea or sometimes soy tea (still not a fan of its taste). If I’m running late I just have cereals with soy milk and some dried berries. I also carry a fruit to eat as a late morning snack.

A Lunge to my Lunch


As a Goan, my everyday standard lunch was fish curry and rice. To be honest, it was quite difficult to make the switch from a fish diet to a vegan one. But I just replaced the fish curry with some mushroom curry and fried fish with stir-fried veggies. I make sure I eat some cruciferous vegetables and sprouted legumes.
Earlier, post lunch I would always crave for something sweet and I had a bad habit of having ice-creams every day. No luck finding vegan ice creams in Goa yet. So I settle with eating a banana after lunch.

Evening partea


In India your day has to start with a mandatory cup of hot tea and it ends with one as well. A tea addict that I was I did have some withdrawal symptoms, Hehehe. I used to feel irritated without my sugar milk tea and no plant based milk tea has come close to its taste. But I’ve replaced the irritation and milk tea cravings with green tea. And I eat a handful of nuts with it (4-5 almonds or cashews).

Winner-Winner Vegan Dinner


I’m not really strict about what I eat for dinner. At home I eat bread with bhaji or cook some fancy pasta. Mostly I eat out, so it’s either street food or sometimes occasionally a dinner out with friends. It’s very easy to veganize food items on the menu when you eat out.
Although these are the things I eat on a typical lazy day, I do like cooking pancakes and making nice creams (frozen banana ice creams) for some sweet tasty cravings. The best part is experimenting and trying to replicate non vegan dishes.
So is it really tough being a vegan? Well, not at all. Have you given it a try yet?

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